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    I was surprised to find these new (rather unfortunate) channels in Edmond a few days ago:
    733 UNVHD (Universal
    768 PLGHD (Planet Green)
    796 HMCHD (Hallmark Channel)
    799 LMCHD (Lifetime Movie Network)

    And some subscription channels moved:
    800 HBOHD
    804 MAXHD
    808 SHOHD
    812 STZHD


    Actually, Cox has had Universal HD for quite some time. (It’s one of the good channels, IMO). I agree with you about the others.

    If you’re “excited” about Planet Green HD, Hallmark Movies HD, and Lifetime Movies HD, just wait! Cox has these HD yawners are coming soon: MTV, Comedy, VH1, CMT, Nickelodeon, & Spike.

    I am not sure these channels are the best use of Cox’s limited bandwidth.


    Yes, I agree about the Universal HD being good. I was going to from memory and I think it changed channels(?), and included it inadvertently with the others. Anyway, that is very disappointing about their choices to come. Not that we need more unfair and unbalanced news, but Fox News HD would be a welcome companion to CNN HD in my opinion.


    This week, I have checked out the three new HD channels added by Cox.

    Total viewing time this week:

    Planet Green: 1 minute, 47 seconds. (Looking at the Guide, there does not seem to be very much mainstream programming on this channel. This was an “interesting” addition for the heart of the oil patch!)

    Hallmark Movie Channel: 4 minutes, 11 seconds. (I haven’t found any movies so far I was interested in watching or recording, but there is some potential for occasional viewing.)

    Lifetime Movies: 0 minutes, 0 seconds. (Dude. It’s Lifetime Movies. Even my wife hates that channel.)


    This weekend I checked out the other new HD channels on Cox. VH1 HD, MTV HD, and CMT HD: These channels appear to be simulcasts of the SD channels, with mostly SD programming. Perhaps I tuned in at the wrong times, but I never found a single HD program on any of these three channels. Nickelodeon HD also looks like a simulcast of the SD network, with a lot of SD programming on the HD network, though I did find a couple of HD programs on Nick.

    Spike HD appears to be a simulcast, but many of the programs and movies were offered in HD at the times I tuned in.

    These five HD channels, plus the other 3 recent additions (Planet Green, Hallmark Movies, and Lifetime Movies) earn a “D+” grade for Cox, in my opinion. (8 new channels is a lot, but most of the channels are not very good and/or don’t offer much HD programming.)

    Looks like Cox went for quantity over quality. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 6 months before we get more HD additions from Cox!


    Indeed, these are total crap. Perhaps that’s why there was no fanfare with their unveiling.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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