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    While it’s hard for me to imagine that someone did this on purpose, it seems that KFOR-DT has decided to put a tiny, black-text-on-white-background digital clock on the far left side of the HD feed it gets from NBC.

    I don’t think it’s from NBC because right now, it says “6:56”, and a clock from NBC would likely rotate time zones like every other network clock does. If it didn’t, it would probably be “7:56” (EST).

    It’s not my receiver because my DTV HD-21 receiver (and Sony TV) can’t make a clock that looks like this, and because the clock is not in sync with my receiver or TV’s clocks, anyway.

    It seems HD-specific because it’s so tiny that it’s barely readable in HD (on a 46″ screen), and when KFOR goes to local SD commercials, the clock vanishes. When they stay with NBC network commercials, the clock remains in place (and is really really freaking annoying on the black sidebars).

    So…am I the only person seeing this? If so, what’s causing it? If not, what’s causing it? Why would they do this? Why? Why??


    Is it a clock? It looks like a little white triangle on my parents TV.


    In Stillwater OTA, have the same clock so it’s not just your system. Anyone know the email for them?


    Best thing to do is to call the news hotline number and ask to get transferred to master control.


    Last time I did that, I got yelled at. Don’t you plebeians realize that this is the weekend?

    We learned years ago that the engineering staff at KFOR doesn’t work during prime time! This isn’t a sweatshop!

    (That said, if someone else wants to call them and try it, good luck to you. You can find the telephone numbers on this page.)


    So, it’s not just me. Also, Kevin says that that the forums links on the home page aren’t updating. I’ll take a look at that and see if I can’t figure out what’s going on…



    They pulled the clock down at 9:22 PM, during a 3rd quarter time-out where they were showing how they test Jay Cutler’s blood sugar (just like every other diabetic does).

    I still have no idea WTF that clock was about, but it was annoying. Let’s hope we don’t have more random HD prime time “experimentation” from KFOR-DT.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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