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Will there actually be an HDTV transition?

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    I’m not talking about switching off the analog signals, I’m talking about switching off the analog mindset.

    KWTV had a local special tonight at 7:30 PM (I didn’t watch enough to see if it was a special or an infomercial, so I’m being generous). As part of this, they rescheduled How I Met Your Mother to 2:37 AM.

    HIMYM is in HD, of course. The guide said that the 2:37 AM version would be in HD, too.

    Of course, it was not. It was 4×3, audio signal visible at the top of the screen, washed out color—your typical local Oklahoma City-originated analog broadcast.

    KWTV has been broadcasting HDTV signals since, I believe, 2003. The analog broadcast cutoff is less than five weeks away (barring any last-minute delays that I’m sure all of the non-OETA OKC stations would love to see come to pass).

    That’s more than a month away, dudes! The HD signal has only been on the air for six years. What’s the rush? Who’s gonna notice it anyway? Shouldn’t we all stick with 4×3 analog TVs for another eight or twelve years, just until they get the bugs worked out?

    (I mean, seriously, why even bother to complain? Do any of the OKC stations even want to broadcast HD, or do they think tag phrases like “skycam HD” will fool enough people into thinking they’re already broadcasting HD, and that none of them will notice what real HD looks like?)

    Is there some FCC licensing procedure we can use to bring pressure on these local monopolies (who, btw, refuse to let you get these programs over satellite to preserve their right to show you their own faces instead of network HD programming) to either keep up with the world or give their licenses to someone else? Is there some FCC protest to file to require D* to E* to give us distant networks if your local stations refuse to even try?

    The transition is in 34 days. Is it too much to expect that one of the five commercial network affiliates in a top 50 media market would be able to at least record and rebroadcast HD signals that they’ve been receiving for more than half a decade?

    Seriously? Really?

    Sooner Al

    Remarkably enough down here in Brownsville/SPI, Texas the local NBC station is broadcasting their local news and weather in HD. Many of the field reports are in HD as are some of the locally produced political, public affairs shows on that channel. The other local stations, like the OKC market are not there yet.

    Personally I am guessing (hoping may be a better word) that once the switchover comes there will be a flood of stations turning on, so the speak, the HDTV broadcast switch. Time will tell I guess.


    I’m a huge Obama supporter so it just stabs me in the back to see the government potentially stumbling by not pushing digital transition with everything its got. Frankly, we need the money.

    As Matt says, the local stations have been broadcasting HD signals for nearly six years. By now, they should be able to redistribute syndicated programming, record and show HD later, not have to switch to SD just to show weather information. In nothing else, they should have a little professional pride in knowing what they’re doing.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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