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    So, as the temps warm up and the ice starts to clear in OKC, what were your best and worst moments for HD in OKC?

    Me, I’m impressed that KWTV-DT has the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric in HD while still scrolling SD closings in the bottom middle of the screen.

    Of course, KFOR-DT did as much wrong as everyone else did right put together. I was especially amused (or was that despair?) to see Mike Morgan talk about all the different ways you could get closings information: 4-2,,, and—all while KFOR cheerfully dropped everything into squashed, blurry SD to run the closings 24/7—and while 4-2’s weather feed remained absolutely unchanged from its normal completely useless not-even-NBC-Weather-Plus-because-that’s-dead feed.

    So much for “progress.” I’m just glad I barely watch anything on NBC anymore, and KFOR’s incompetence with HD has been a big part of that decision. The next time Mike Morgan brags about 4-2 and while simultaneously taking 4-1 out of HD to run non-critical information, he really ought to be hit with a pie.

    I don’t know what happened with KOCO-DT, but I was getting it fine OTA in El Reno even while DirecTV said it was “off the air for the night” and people here were saying it was very weak. However, my DirecTV HR-21 (with AM-21 OTA box) helpfully moved my recording tonight of LOST from DirecTV’s KOCO (HD) to 5-1 (OTA), without me asking it to do so. It’ll take up twice as much room, since it’s MPEG-2 instead of MPEG-4, but I’ll watch it by the weekend anyway.

    I didn’t watch enough of KOKH-DT or KOCB-DT to notice any issues; KOCB-DT (OTA—as noted, DirecTV doesn’t carry KOCB-DT in HD) had KOKH’s bottom scroller of school closings. I know they’re both Sinclair stations and share almost everything on the back end, but it’s still weird to turn to 34 and see a scroller that says “FOX 25” between every pice of information. Did they keep the HD working in prime time?

    How does this all loom for the post-analog era and the upcoming tornado season? (“Upcoming” being a relative word, since we had a tornado watch on December 28. Jiminy.)


    I wouldn’t bother with Lost from KOCO-DT. You’ll get a better picture from or, better yet, using Boxee. For whatever reason, both the episode from last week, which I forgot to record, and the new episode this week were broadcast in glorious, blurry SD with school closings crawling across the screen. Having never seen Lost in SD, I was shocked to find that they crop it to 4×3 instead of showing it letterboxed as KFOR does with dramas like ER.

    This is the low point for me, but it could get lower if KFOR-DT finds some excuse to show the Super Bowl in SD due to some pending emergency we can’t currently foresee like a thunderstorm. Do you think it’s possible they would do something like that?

    Nearly seven years after KFOR broadcast the 2002 Winter Olympics from Salt Lake City (thanks to HDNet’s production), it doesn’t seem they’ve upgraded their equipment at all. If they have, you can’t see it on the screen. While KWTV’s crawl is obviously formatted for 4×3, at least its on top of an HD signal. Now, to find out that KOCO is also living in the dark ages is too much for me to handle. As near as I can tell, KOKH, KOCB and OETA show their programming in HD without overlaying anything, which is my preference.


    I predict that KWTV will be the first Oklahoma City area newscast in HD. It seems to me that the cameras are already upgraded and call me crazy but it seems the picture is HD just not 16:9. When I compare the news to the other stations it seems much more sharp and clear . Like I say almost HD but not letter box. Especially with their announcement that they will go digital no matter what, I predict they will go HD with the transition. Seems everything is in place. Not that it really matters but I have become an HD snob. If its not in HD I prefer not to watch it at all.


    The issues with KFOR and lack of vision are a direct result of one person and not the station as a whole. I wont say names and ill leave it at that. It also dosent help that Local TV is too cheap to do things right. Instead of spending money to present a quality product to attract viewers and revenue they would rather cut out raises and destroy any morale left. Majority of the staff feel the same way but cant do nothing. The old guard is strong at KFOR and so it will continue to be the old way of doing things until a major management shakeup occurs.

    I say all of this because I feel too many good people are lumped in with the KFOR bashing.


    kwtv definitely has the best local news picture

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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