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  • in reply to: STILL reception problems for KFOR? #5248

    I have an outdoor antenna and have been getting KFOR in Stillwater for years without too many issues. In fact, I prefer their weather coverage over the other local stations. Because I’m in Stillwater, I don’t have a lot of experience with indoor antennas, but you’d want to make sure that it handles UHF signals well as all the channels except KOCO Channel 5 and KETA channel 13 are VHF.

    in reply to: Does KFOR know how to TV? #5229

    Interesting. I never really thought about it. I wonder what the PSIP info says when those shows are on. If I remember correctly, Dish bought the company that does TV Guide, which used to be based out of Tulsa, not that I’m thinking conspiracy.

    in reply to: Does KFOR know how to TV? #5222

    So, regarding the TV listings, are you talking about what you see in TV Guide or TitanTV or one of the other listing services, or are you talking about what gets transmitted with the PSIP information?

    in reply to: KFOR reception problems in SW Oklahoma? #5197

    I noticed a similar issue during Meet the Press Sunday morning. I was downstairs where I stream programming to my Apple TV and it was breaking up more than usual. I did not look at the recording I made to see if it was in the original feed. I’m in Stillwater so this may be a problem overall with their signal.

    in reply to: TV antena breakover mast #5165

    I know someone who might be interested. Do you have a picture? Also, where are you located?

    in reply to: Cox added 5 new HD channels on 10-27 #5159

    I thought they already had the HDNet channels…

    in reply to: Fall 2011 schedule #5156

    I guess I don’t watch KFOR enough to know when the schedule is messed up.

    in reply to: Dear KOKH… #5145

    My biggest problem is when I record a show on my DVR and go to watch it a week later only to see sensational footage about wildfires or weathermen running around about tornadoes in counties their station doesn’t even reach.

    in reply to: Links to forums no longer appears on main page #3942

    The link to these forums will be coming back. You probably didn’t notice, but I made some small changes as part of a bigger upgrading I’m doing and part of that involved removing those links. Once I’m done, the forums will be better integrated into the site.

    I had a setback this week because I needed to integrate a new Mac Mini as my workstation because my laptop is on its last legs.


    in reply to: KOPX 62.01 HD #3946

    I caught just a little bit of an episode of “Criminal Minds” last night and it looked pretty good. I’m always happy to get a free new HD channel worth watching. Unfortunately, I’ve seen every episode of all the series you mentioned… 🙂


    in reply to: KOPX 62.01 HD #3944

    Do they have anything worth watching on KOPX-DT?

    in reply to: Snow madness #4382

    That’s what I was attempting to say. Back in the days of dinosaurs when I was in school, they probably canceled classes a total of two days during the entire time I was in high school. Today, they build in a week of snow days before the school year ever starts.


    in reply to: Snow madness #4380

    I’m still shocked that schools cancelled classes on Wednesday when it was 60 degrees outside.


    in reply to: Good job, KFOR! #4246

    I mostly watch Letterman because of the musical guests. Other than the first week, Conan has had few that I wanted to watch, which is sad because on his previous show he gave Letterman a run for his money. I record and save the performances on Jimmy Fallon’s show now because the Roots are the greatest band in late night television.

    I actually used to watch Nightline until they dumbed it down so much that it was news anymore…


    in reply to: KSBI-DT's new look #5111

    Hmmmm. I see the “KSBI-DT Thunder TV” wings on 52.1 and none on 52.2. I don’t have sub channels 3 or 4.

    It’s not old news I don’t think, but I’m not sure how new it is…


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