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    Send a complaint to Sinclair broadcasting not KOKH. The people who work at KOKH only do what their bosses tell them to do. If that is to break in during programming and not commercials then its clearly sinclairs fault not KOKH. Cant blame someone doing their job.


    I prefer kfor actually. Ever since the Olympics they really have been upgrading there HD Equipment and have broadcast their “is this a great state or what” segments for months now in HD. No other Channel in OKC has done this or even showed signs that they will be going hd besides OETA. KWTV’s set and picture is amazing but it isnt HD and KOCO lol who knows their own by HA. props to koco on weather.even though my 08 civic is ruined due to baseball size hail in stillwater.

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    my only guess is on why they are waiting is either computer software or lack of multiple HD cameras for weather/sports guys in studio.surely peeps from kwtv and koco knows about this.Im just thankful kfor is staying on uhf.

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    Ok we can no longer call kfor the garbage channel. i never would of thought kfor would be the first to pull it off. kwtv/koco must be getting a little weary about not sure why there waiting to go full blown hd all the time though but very very nice hd and thanks bsmall for the youtube clip. i love the cheesy grins at the there must be some huge promotional behind the scenes stuff happening there before there ready to go full time hd.

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    I think Puck is right i saw that they replayed it on their sunday morning broadcast(go figure) and although it was not shown in it full hd glory it was def shot with a 16*9 camera as there were bars at the top and bottom of the screen. KFOR may not be the garbage channel after all. i thought someone said kwtv was gonna switch first but after reading this kfor is gonna win this battle of first beisdes oeta. i really really cant count oeta as a major network. they have beautiful hd shows like nova but not my first choice in news.(which i cant see now since then went to vhf in stillwater, booo!)my only hope for pbs in HD is for dish to add it to the locals package which i dont see anytime soon grrr. btw my setup is a dish 211k reciever with a decent indoor/outdoor antenna i love that thing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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